Blade Services

In order for wind turbine blades to run efficiently, it is essential to maintain them regularly as even small areas of erosion or damage can effect performance. Poor performance results in reduced production.

Extent the service life of your wind turbine blades.

As blades are constantly exposed to the elements. and regular maintenance can help reduce the impact this has on the blades an production.

Blade inspection, maintenance and repair.

We offer blade inspections, maintenance and repair from platform, basket or rope access using highly trained technicians and complex materials and equipment. The qualified repair methods ensure low down time and proven solutions. Our mission is provide services, support and solutions of the highest quality.



Our services:

  • Repair of lightning damages
  • Repair of tip damages.
  • Application and replacement of Vortex generators
  • Application and repair of leading edge protection
  • Replacement of blade-bolts
  • Laminate repairs
  • Gelcoat and top coat repairs
  • Repair of coating damages to the tower
  • Tower and blade inspections

We offer onshore blade- and tower repair using:

  • Rope access
  • Basket
  • Platform

We can offer blade- and tower inspection by:

  • Drone
  • Ground based camera
  • Rope access
  • Basket
  • Platform